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Submittal for Alternate Domestic Water Piping

Submittal for Alternate Hydronic Water Piping

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Aquatherm gives environmentally conscious engineers an alternative that actually makes a difference.

Studies have shown that from raw material to installed end-product, Aquatherm's polypropylene piping systems require less energy to produce than any comparable alternative. There is also significantly less waste created during production and installation, making it the most environmentally friendly pressure piping system available. In fact, in a European initiative comparable to the USGBC's LEEDs program, Aquatherm's piping systems were recognized by GreenPeace International as the only "Future-friendly Product" for plumbing and mechanical applications.

Minimizing environmental impact during production is just one of the ways Aquatherm helps protect the environment. The Aquatherm pipe systems are chemically inert and the fusion connections contain no foreign materials, resulting in a system that will not gradually contaminate its source water. The reduced head-loss within the pipe helps save energy throughout the life-cycle of the system. And because Aquatherm's systems are designed to last for over 50 years, they need to be replaced less frequently than most other systems, helping conserve resources even more.

The natural R-value of polypropylene also reduces heat-loss and heat-gain through the pipe walls, reducing the amount of insulation needed to effectively reduce energy loss

Case Studies

Olympic Village

Comfort Suites

Fort Hood

Lake Port Square

Brigham Young University


Salt Lake City School District

Utah State University


Sustainable Design

Last A Life Time

Aquatherm and Environmental Responsibility

Aquatherm LEED Planning Guide v.3

Consider Environment Before Designing Piping Systems


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