Hammond Valve

Manufacturer of Commercial and Plumbing Valves.

As the valve specialist, Hammond Valve  maintains product leadership with innovation and refined design across a line of products that includes: Gate, Globe, Check, Ball and Butterfly Valves, Brass, Bronze and Iron Valves, 1/8″ to 24″ Valves, 3 lb. Gas to 300 lb. Steam Valves, Domestic and Import Valves, Brass & Bronze Plumbing Valves, Heating and Gas Valves.

Hammond Valve’s background in the Commercial and Plumbing markets should provide you with confidence to entrust your most difficult engineering applications to our experienced staff, helping you grow your business and providing you with the great service you deserve. If you have a service that is constantly causing you concern, give us a call. Our application engineering and technical service teams stand ready to help.

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