You only have so many hours to design a new project. Selecting plumbing fixtures, lavatories, water closets and urinals takes time. Imagine one place where everything you need for those fixtures are located all on one page, and everything selected for each fixture set up will just work together. This is a huge advantage saving you valuable time on your projects budget.

That is James Martin Company’s Plumbing Fixture guide book. For example no longer do you have to go to multiple manufacturers and websites to build a complete lavatory system finding the supplies, p-trap, and the faucet. James Martin Company did it for you.

Today we offer our 3rd edition of the James Martin Company Plumbing Fixture Guide Book. It includes sections for the above-mentioned fixtures as well as water coolers, showers, sinks, ligature resistant bathroom products, drains, back flow, and so much more.

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