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Low Lead Valves for Potable Water

Commercial Bronze Gate Globe and Check Valves
Milwaukee Valve offers the most complete line of bronze gate, globe & check valves are available
in sizes 1/8" - 4" and in classes 125, 150, 200 & 300 LB SWP.

Commercial/ Industrial Iron Gate Globe and Check Valves
Iron gate, globe & check valves are available in sizes 2" - 24" and in 125 & 250 lb. classes. Materials of construction include IBBM, all iron and 3% nickel. By-passes and outside lever & weight options are also available upon request.

Industrial Cast Steel Gate Globe and Check Valves
Cast steel gate, globe & check valves are available in sizes 2" - 24" and ANSI classes 150, 300 & 600 lb. Body materials include WCB, WC6, C5, & LCB. Trim options include 13% chrome, hard-faced, 316 SS and bronze. Raised face flanged, butt-weld and RTJ end connections are also available.

Commercial Ball Valves
Commercial ball valves are available in sizes 1/4" - 3" in bronze and brass body materials. All ball valves have RPTFE seats & seals, adjustable stem packing and blowout proof stems. Two-piece & three-piece valve styles have a wide variety of trim & operator options, including locking handles, oval handles, "T" handles and stem extensions.

Industrial Ball Valves
Industrial ball valves are available in sizes 1/4" - 12" and in a variety of body materials including bronze, carbon steel, stainless steel, monel and alloy 20. End connections include FNPT, socket weld, butt weld and ANSI 150 & 300 flanged. Body styles include one-piece, two-piece, three-piece, unibody & split-body flanged end. A wide variety of trim materials and seating options are available. Locking, oval & extended handles are available, as well as electric & pneumatic operators. Special preparations such as fire-safe,chlorinr prep and cleaned for oxygen service are also available.

Commercial & Industrial Iron Butterfly Valves
Resilient-seated wafer & full-lug body styles are available in sizes 2" - 48". All iron butterfly valves have phenolic-reinforced liners & 416 SS blowout proof stems. Liner materials include EPDM, Buna-N, Viton*, Hypalon* and FDA Neoprene. Disc materials include aluminum bronze, DINP, 316 SS, epoxy & nylon coated. Operators include 10-position lever (locking standard), gear operators and stem extensions. All Milwaukee butterfly valves can be easily automated with pneumatic or electric actuators.

Butterball SloClose and Fire Protection Valves
Fire-protection valves are available in a variety of styles & types including valves for main & riser service, supervised & unsupervised services as well as trim valves. Valves meeting UL, FM, NFPA and NYCBS&A/MEA are available.

High Performance Butterfly Valves
High performance butterfly valves from Milwaukee Valve are available in sizes ranging from 2-1/2 to 24 inches for Class 150 ratings and 2-1/2 inches to 16 inches for Class 300. Dependable, durable service is assured with one piece stem and stainless steel backed reinforced PFTE bearings.

Dry-Bulk Transport Valves
Dry-bulk transport valves are specially designed to handle the vibrations, temperature variations, weather and hard knocks of highway hauling. Their aluminum body material provides solid performance, while minimizing non-payload weight. Valves are available in lift check, horizontal swing check, angle lift check, gate, relief and butterfly valve styles.

Actuation & Controls
A complete line of actuators & complementing control options are available for almost any valve, including linear traveling stems. Pneumatic actuation is available in double acting and spring return styles with a wide range of torque outputs. Electric actuators are available as internal or external motor drives with various voltages & motor options. NEMA 4, 7 and 9 housings, linkage kits, positioners, limit switches and other option packages are also available.


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