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Aquatherm greenpipe is widely recognized by both experts and consumers around the world as one of the safest and longest lasting potable water systems available. Climatherm was developed for applications outside the potable water installation. Climatherm includes all the advantages of aquatherm greenpipe, but is engineered and priced for chilled water, hydronic heating, and industrial applications.  Aquatherm is dedicated to providing the very best piping systems for everyone, from engineers, to installers, to building owners and occupants, who rely on our systems for comfort, warmth, and even life. Please feel free to explore this website, and find out how aquatherm’s innovative piping systems can make your world a better place.

Company Website: www.aquathermpipe.com

Aqautherm has a local inventory in Bensalem PA.

Aquatherm Greenpipe

fusiotherm pipeAquatherm Greenpipe is a polypropylene pressure piping system, designed for hot and cold potable water and food-grade applications. Combining excellent physical strength with high chemical purity, Aquatherm Greenpipe offers quality and performance unmatched by other potable systems and is one of the most environmentally friendly piping systems in the world.


climatherm pipeClimatherm is a polypropylene pressure piping system, specially engineered for hydronic, geothermal, and industrial applications. Climatherm boasts all the unique advantages of Fusiotherm such as the strengthening characteristics of the facer lining, but is engineered with thinner walls for higher flow rates, making it the product of choice for engineers and mechanical contractors.


lilac pipeDesigned for reclaimed and rainwater applications, the Lilac piping system offers the longevity and reliability of polypropylene at a competitive cost for any recycled water applications. Because the product is still fused at all joints with fusiotherm fittings all of the quality and consistency of our process is maintained.

Aquatherm Advanced

aquatherm advancedTaking Aquatherm piping systems the next level of performance and versatility, Aquatherm Advanced combines the polypropylene pipe with an thermal barrier, providing insulation and fire rating with a single, efficient upgrade. The wrap layer works with the pipe's natural heat resistance to provide thermal protection equivalent to 1" fiberglass insulation on metal pipe at a fraction of the price.


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